“Did you ever imagine having a design book with the upcoming trends, inspiring mood boards, and the latest pieces, a place where you will find all the inspiration you need to design a trendy project that your clients will love?

Meet the Trend Book: Forecasting The Future Of Design. This is a guide divided by colors, materials, and patterns that are meant to help you design a trendy project – whether you are decorating your own apartment, your client’s home, or a hotel in a dreamy island.

With the Trend Book in your hands, you will never run out inspiration. Take ideas from the world of fashion and interior design to create a project that is not only trendy but also timeless and chic. Here you will find the tools you need to keep your inspiration flowing, from the colors to the textures to the materials that are trending right now. Next to each inspiration, you will find decorating tips on how to make the most of each color, texture, and material.”

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