In following the ideals and standards of our namesake, Thomas S. Hart, the staff is committed to creating an environment for our students that fosters integirty, responsibility and respect for others. In partnership with the parents of Thomas Hart students, we will strive to prepare our students for continued academic success, to become respectful and accepting of our increasingly diverse society.

The goal of the faculty and staff at Thomas Hart Middle School is to form a partnership with parents and students that will create an educational atmosphere that promotes academic and social preparedness for the 21st century. The comprehensive standards-based curriculum is designed to enhance academic achievement, encourage responsibility, teach organization and enhance self-esteem. Middle school is a transitional educational period in the lives of all. Thomas Hart is committed to facilitating this transition.

Goals Continuing:
Improvement of student achievement as measured by state-mandated testing.
Continuous implementation of character education traits that provides students with the skills necessary to have the following core values: integrity, honesty, responsibility, respect for self and others, compassion and self-discipline.
Provide an instructional program that addresses all the academic and social needs of all students, from those at risk to those identified as gifted.

These homes are in the school district for Hart Middle School. You are encouraged to confirm the address of the property is, in fact, in the school district. This is just a representation of of the district boundaries.

More information about Hart Middle School

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