Stephany is an absolutely lovely, empathic and thoughtful person, great pleasure to work with! Not only did she help me buy my very own amazing home in this scarily competitive housing market, but she was always there to help me with pretty much everything up until the point of moving and settling in. As a single woman, I was terrified by the financial aspects of the entire process, especially in the beginning. However, once we got started, I didn’t really have a chance to truly panic because she took care of everything proactively! Her thinking was always at least one step ahead of mine. She tirelessly prepared and negotiated even about the smallest details to represent my best interests – sometimes during her vacation, or during her private time with family. We closed the deal only two months after I came up with the idea of looking at properties! She was highly recommended to me by a friend who had a very similar experience recently, and now I would confidently encourage anyone to hire her if they are serious about their home ownership plans. You will buy a fantastic house, sooner than you think!!

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